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Now to complete registration, go to one of 4 payment locations.

  1. Sign the waiver form – they will give you one there. Bring your Nagarita with you!
  2. Pay the entry fee for your entry category. Show your student card if you are a student.
  3. Get a receipt. You will need this to get your chest/bib number. Keep it safe.
  4. Remember – NO PAYMENT ON THE RACE DAY! 🙂

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Entry payment locations:

We have payment locations at

  • The Last Resort, Thamel
  • Sports Coffee House, Jhamsikhel
  • Coffee Pasal at Durbar Marg
  • Coffee Talk Cafe at Maharajganj
  • Best View Restaurant at Boudha

To know the exact location, please visit the following page

Please make the payment before the race 🙂