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Now to complete registration, go to one of the payment locations.

  1. Sign the receipt book and waiver form. Bring your Nagarita with you to prove your age!
  2. Pay the entry fee for your entry category. Show your student card if you are a student.
  3. Take your receipt with you. You will need this to get your chest/bib number. Keep it safe.
  4. Remember – PAYMENT ON THE RACE DAY IS MORE EXPENSIVE- DOUBLE FOR THE RACE (as per global payment charges for serious races).

Thank you for entering! See you soon. Please follow news about the event on Facebook

EARLY BIRD Definition: You pay within the defined date of discounts. 3-4 days from the registration announcement on facebook and email. 

LATE PAYMENT Definition:  Last 1.5 days. No matter how early you registered, the day of your payment is the payment day. If you arrive to pay on late days, you’ll be paying the late charges. Because by this day, we collect the payments from cafe and estimate necessary expenditures for the  race and it helps our timers and data entry team to prepare a predictable format to give you correct results on the day.  Having an estimation of payments makes it easier for us to predict the participants we will be organizing event for. Help us to make your races professional and reduce waste.

Entry payment locations:

We have payment locations at

  • Sports Coffee House, Jhamsikhel
  • Coffee Pasal at Durbar Marg
  • Coffee Talk Cafe at Maharajganj
  • Best View Restaurant at Boudha
  • Please do not pay at The Last Resort, Thamel. We have added Himalayan Single Track- famous cycle store at Thamel, Saatghumti Road as our payment partner for Thamel henceforth. 

To know the exact location, please visit the following page

Please make the payment before the race 🙂